Vision & Mission


The Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History will be the premier collections-based environmental education and natural history resource in our region.  The Museum's programs and resources will be integrated into the educational programs of the college to help meet the educational needs of The College of Idaho (C of I) students and provide outreach to the general public.


Mission Statement

The Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History (Museum) seeks to instill an awareness of the natural world through the educational programs of C of I, provide public service, and serve the general and research public by holding in trust collections of zoological, botanical, paleontological, archaeological, anthropological, and other natural history objects for this and future generations. The Museum adds depth and intellectual development to the education of C of I students by making the materials entrusted to it available for classroom, research, and other appropriate educational use.  The Museum serves students and the general public by offering tours, interpretive displays, and other educational programs that foster life-long learning by all who visit.

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