Fellowships and Scholarships for Recent Graduates

The fellowships and scholarships listed below are for recent graduates enrolled in graduate programs.

The awards are listed in order of application deadline.

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation Fellowships

Due dates: range from November to December.

Contact: Kathy Seibold, Anthropology/Sociology Dept.

AAUW offers dissertation, professional degree, and postdoctoral fellowships for American women who have provided distinction or promise in their fields of scholarly work. Reserved for recent graduates who have already undertaken doctoral research.

More AAUW information.

Ford Foundation Predoctoral and Dissertation Fellowships for Minorities

Due date: mid-November. (November 20, 2013)

Contact: Dr. Mee-ae Kim, History Dept.

Open to underrepresented ethnic groups to pursue a Ph.D. in behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, math, physical sciences or biological science leading to a teaching or research career. Reserved for recent graduates enrolled in an advanced degree program.

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