Fellowships and Scholarships for Seniors and Recent Graduates

The awards are listed in order of application deadline.

British Marshall Scholarships

Due date: Institutional Nominations due by September 25, 2013. Applications are due October 1, 2013.

Contact: Barry Fujishin, College Relations (Marshall Scholar, 1972).

A highly competitive scholarship, the Marshall supports two years of graduate study in England in any field at any university (especially universities other than Oxford and Cambridge). If you are applying for a Rhodes Scholarship, you might also consider applying for a British Marshall Scholarship. Seniors and recent graduates (must have maintained a 3.7 GPA after the Freshman year).

More Marshall information.

Graduate Study in the U.K. (from BUTEX).

Information on living and studying in Britain (from the British Council).

Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Rhodes Scholarships

Due date: October 2, 2013

Contact: Prof. Steven Maughan, History Dept.

The highly prestigious Rhodes scholarship supports two years of study in England at Oxford University in any field. The Rhodes recognizes altruism and superior intellect and has a strong leadership orientation. Seniors and recent graduates.

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George J. Mitchell Scholarships

Due date: Early October (2013-14 due date: October 1, 2013; institutional nomination deadline Sept. 21, 2013)

Contact: Prof. Sue Schaper, English Dept.

Another highly competitive scholarship, the Mitchell supports one year of graduate study in Ireland in any field at any university. If you are applying for a Rhodes or Marshall Scholarship, you might also consider applying for a Mitchell Scholarship. Seniors and recent graduates.

More Mitchell information.

The Irish Universities.

Fulbright Student Grants

Due date: October (2012-13 due date: October 17, 2012)

Contact: Prof. Jeff Snyder-Reinke, History Dept.

Fulbright Grants are available to graduating seniors and graduate students who present a clear and detailed program of study to be carried out in a particular academic setting abroad. Overseas study is supported in any field, in over 50 foreign countries. Fulbright scholars usually conduct a specific research or performance project, and must present a detailed research or study plan. Applicants with overseas sponsors often have an advantage. On-Campus interviews are a requirement. Seniors and recent graduates.

More Fulbright information.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Due date:Mid-October (2012-13 due dates: October 16 and December 4, 2012)

Contact: Prof. Eric Spencer, English Dept.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are available to students applying to Cambridge University for graduate study or a second B.A. degree. They function as a "Cambridge Rhodes Scholarship" designed to attract exceptionally qualified students to the university. Overseas student applicants are vetted by the University admissions committee and nominated for interviews. Seniors and recent graduates.

More Gates information.

Frannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowships

Due date: late October.

Contact: Prof. Jim Dull, Mathematics and Physical Science Dept.

These fellowships support postgraduate study for excellent students who are likely to become leaders in scientific and technological advances, exemplary teachers in the applied physical sciences, and key contributors to the technological capability on which the nation's well being depends. Limited to graduate study in the applied physical sciences but may be carried to any university. Seniors and recent graduates. (2011-2012 due date: October 31, 2011)

More Hertz information.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowships and Minority Graduate Fellowships

Due date: Dates vary according to field, but all are the first week of November 2013.

Contact: Prof. Don Mansfield, Biology Dept.

NSF awards are for study and research in the sciences or in engineering leading to master's or doctoral degrees in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, behavioral and social sciences, and in the history and philosophy of science. Applicants must have a high GPA and high Graduate Record Examination scores in the General Test and the Subject Test in the field most closely related to their chosen area of graduate work or the area of their greatest or most relevant expertise. Seniors and recent graduates.

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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Information.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship

Due date: late February.

Contact: Prof. Kerry Hunter, Department of Political Economy.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's mission is to help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through graduate education. Through the Graduate Scholarship Program, the Foundation identifies and supports high-achieving students. Minimum eligibility: Senior or recent graduate, must be accepted to or waitlisted at an accredited University with the intent of starting graduate work in the Fall term, cumulative GPA of 3.5, and unmet financial need.

More Cooke information.

James Madison Fellowships

Due date: Applications are due March 1, 2014.

Contact: Assistant Prof. Kevin Talbert, Education Dept.

Madison Fellowships support the graduate study of American history by aspiring and experienced secondary school teachers of American history, American government, and social studies. Fellowships fund up to $24,000 of each Fellow's course of study toward a master's degree. The program must include a concentration of courses on the history and principles of the United States Constitution. Seniors and recent graduates.

More Madison information.

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships

Due date: mid-March.

Contact: Prof. Scott Johnson, Business Dept.

Scholars serve as ambassadors abroad while studying for one academic year in any country where Rotary Clubs are located. Preference is given to those with fluency in language of the host country (non-English speaking). All class levels are eligible to apply, but Seniors conducting graduate level study are preferred. Applicants must apply through a local Rotary Club during the spring semester. Nominations made by local Rotary Clubs.

Rotary World Peace Scholarships

The Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution offer individuals committed to peace and cooperation the opportunity to pursue a two-year master's level degree or certificate in international studies, peace studies, and conflict resolution at one of the university partners. In the USA: Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and The University of California, Berkeley. Through the partnership between the Rotary Foundation and these universities, 70 Rotary World Peace Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis annually for study at the Rotary Centers. Applicants must contact a local Rotary club to determine local application deadlines.

More Rotary International Information.