Julia Finney's Family

Genealogical Information on Julia Finney's Family

June, 2002

Jan, My family is from Goodhue, MN also. My great grandfather's half brother was Julia's brother-in-law. This is how I got interested in the Finney family. Let me tell you what I know.

Jonathan Finney was born 26 Dec 1828. He was a gentleman farmer and a minister. His wife was Agnes L. Bevans born 21 April 1836 in Ohio. They had 8 children, five born in Ohio, so I suspect that Jonathan was also from there.

The children were Mary L. b 1856 Ohio, Julia, 1859, Horace Dec 1860 Ohio, Albert C. 1863 Ohio, Helen M. 1865 Ohio, Rebecca (?) Olive W. 1871 Goodhue Mn, Clara 1874 Goodhue Mn.

I am guessing that since Julia's sister and brother were born in Ohio that she was also. This information came from the 1880 US census for Goodhue Co. MN.

Jonathan was a fairly prominent citizen of this little farming town of  Goodhue. So were my family, the Davis'. You see the Finney and Davis names in the newspaper (The Goodhue Enterprise) many times through the years. Their farms were next to each other. On the northwest corner of Jonathan's property was a school that was officially known as District 37 School but to everyone in the area it was called the Finney School. My family was educated there and I am sure the Finneys were too. Jonathan was the superintendent in charge of the school.

He was also a minister at the Presbyterian church there. The church was blown down in a freak windstorm in 1903. Only the cemetery remains. I have record of Jonathan performing the wedding of his daughter Olive to Frank W. Davis.

As to who was the lawyer brother I believe that it must have been Albert, as Horace stayed in Goodhue all his life, and took over the farm when his parents died. He is buried by them.

Jonathan died 7 Aug 1906 Agnes 5 Feb 1904 The obits for them were in the Goodhue Enterprise. This was a weekly paper and it came out Thursdays. I had copies of them but have since given them to some descendants of Frank and Olive Davis.

I got the copies at the Goodhue Co. Historical Society. They have the Goodhue Enterprise on microfilm. The obits came out the Thursday following their deaths. The Historical Society is online, but I don't have their URL at the moment. You can find them via YAHOO. They do copies and I am sure they will send them out.

I am glad that you found me. Supplying this kind of background for people makes my time researching worth while.

One more thing: I had to smile as I read the short bio you gave of  Julia. My great-great aunt Anna M. Davis was the librarian at Hamline University (St. Paul MN) from 1898-1921. She never married and her students thought of her as their patron saint! Sounds like Goodhue raised some good ladies.

Feel free to contact me again if there is anything you think I might have forgotten to mention.

Sherri Salmans