Magic in the air

By Sara Davis

Just got wind of some good news… I get to jack my dad’s bike for the school year!  As I return for round two at The College of Idaho, I am going to take advantage of the dreamy, flat terrain of Southwest Idaho. Last year I would start my morning jogging a couple blocks to the public library, or to the YMCA.… In my home town, a breezy jog or bike ride is rather unheard of (for each street is infamous for a hill, mountain slope, or valley that would make even Lance Armstrong shiver).

Most students are mobile in some manner: long boards, bikes, razor scooters (making a comeback? A hot topic on campus), motorized Vespa-like scooters, good old fashion legs, you name it.

Between flocks of cross country kids and campus security golf carts, it’s always smart to keep your eyes up when strolling through campus.  Which brings me to perk number 7 of the C of I—its gorgeous landscaping and facilities.

You can’t help but feel collegiate when walking through Morrison Quadrangle with a clock tower to your side amidst a walkway lined with trees.  The white columns amongst selected brick buildings give an Ivy League feel to our little private school tucked away in the suburbs of Boise.  Call me a romantic, but the changing leaves and the first snowfall really works its magic on campus.

So gather round your trucks and wheels, your spokes and sprockets, your shoes, your socks, and ride baby, ride.