Summer resolutions

By Madai Montes

Last night I had the worst dream ever. In it, I could not perform normally. It took place in my job, Pizza Hut. A table ordered drinks, and as I went to the back to fulfill their request, I found it impossible to serve a simple Mountain Dew and water.

Somehow, many different events kept occurring simultaneously, and it was impossible for me to complete even the easiest of tasks, including walking. Half an hour passed, and I still had not put the customers’ order in, or even served them their drinks! I was freaking out. My feet were moving at an alarmingly slow rate, and they managed to take me everywhere around the restaurant, except to where I was supposed to go. It was horrible. I had the image of what I had to do lingering vividly in my mind, but I was unable to deliver the action.

I have had these types of dreams before – twice now. The last time I had this dream, I was fussing for hours with drinks. Unfortunately, by the time I got out with the customers’ drinks, they had already left. These are the kind of dreams I fear, for upon awaking, it feels as though I’m still dreaming, like if no matter what I do, I’m hopeless. It is said that dreams come true, but these types of dreams should not literally come true; they hinder performance!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to start off on a depressing note this week! I want to have a happy blog! Haha. I just wanted to share this dream with you, for it reveals a little more about me. Number one, I cannot stand not doing anything. I always have to be doing something, and that’s always fun! Number two, I have no patience, which is very hard to deal with because my best friend is the slowest person in the world, but I still love her.

This summer I resolved to do three things: read, work, and live healthier. I decided on only these three things because of overload concerns shared by me, myself, and I. Well… okay… because of concerns from my family and friends. I was so excited for this summer to start. I secured more hours at work (at Pizza Hut as a waitress), and began the difficult path of cutting sugar from my diet and exercising more. I printed off a list online of 100 recommended books to read before college. I convinced myself that the best way to prepare for college this summer was to read. To keep my brain pumped and working before school starts. Even with my list, there is still a grave problem: I only managed to read one book, The Great Gatsby. Right now, I am in the middle of three books, 1984 by George Orwell, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, and Farming and Food by Wendell Baker.

That seems to be the only part of my three part EXTENSIVE summer resolution that isn’t really succeeding. The only thing I need to work on is reading. I am reading three books, but cannot seem to finish one! Maybe that’s what my dream is telling me: that I need to focus on the prize and finish reading, or I will not be able to move forward and serve those darn drinks! ONWARD TO READING! Tata for now!

PHOTO: Working at Pizza Hut, I'm the one in the middle!