Plants fight back

By Andrew Moore

From my experiences, a lot of college education is an exercise in common sense. If you fail to wake up in the morning, neglect your homework or disparage your sleeping schedule, you’re playing some tough odds in trying to keep some semblance of decent grades.

It’s simple enough right? Wake up, commute to appropriate/obligated location, perform required tasks. Kind of important in a work-environment, or so I’m told.

But this summer I’m getting introduced to some new brands of common sense. This year, I’ll be living in a house with the shared responsibility that comes in making sure that the whole thing doesn’t collapse while I’m a tenant.

I’ll be living here: 2113 Indiana, which is right across the street from the eastern side of campus.

Did I mention I’m a member of Delta Tau Delta?

This is an example of one of our Greek houses around The College. It’s not a mansion or oversized bunk-house that you see on other college campuses. Our shelter (which we affectionately call “the haus”), provides rooms for eight out of our 25 man chapter.

This last weekend, I spent my Saturday in the backyard of the Delt Haus, doing something that seems incredibly simple in retrospect: yard work.

I’m used to doing chores around my parents’ houses; getting my hands dirty isn’t something new for me. But what was different about this time was that I was taking care of a property that I “own” as a member of the Delts.

With the help of five of my available brothers we turned this into the photo you see above.

With summer-tenants occupying the house, and with brothers being distracted and away from campus, it can be easy to neglect something as simple as pulling weeds in the backyard.

Realizing the scale of what it will take to keep up the appearance of a yard has caused me to reconsider how much I’ve taken for granted the work that my parents do each day (with or without my help) to keep their homes in order.

Also automatic sprinkler systems, which our house doesn’t have.

Those are nice too.

Agency is a concept used in psychology to describe how human beings make their thoughts reality in the environment surrounding them.

If I’m going to make this place my home, I’ve got to have the strength to make my ideas a reality.

That means I’ll have to remember to mow the lawn. Common sense right?