From Sky to Sea …

By Sara Davis

Washington. The motherland, I like to call it, and it is the place I refer to as home.  As much as I enjoy my time in the Treasure Valley (still lookin’ for that treasure), I cherish the time spent on my own turf.  Just within this last week, I have seen all of the W-A’s dramatic sights, from the dry plains of Eastern Washington, to the rocky terrain of the Cascades…

I spent a few days on the shores of Banks Lake, a honker of a lake about 5 hours east of Tacoma.  My boyfriend and his family have been camping there 25 years + and I tagged along this time around.  There were oodles of kids! Laying in the boat, on the boat, being pulled behind the boat with multiple contraptions and a mere rope… It was a blast.

Cliff jumping, beach lounging, and knee boarding kept us cool amid those sunny, 90 degree days.  At night, we’d pass the time fending off mosquitoes.  One morning, we woke up at four to climb Steamboat Rock to beat the sunrise… The nap at the top was a literal cherry on top of a great hike.

I returned home to join the hosting of my grandparents, visiting from Winchester, Virginia.  We like to whoo visiting family with our gorgeous surroundings—one day we rented a ‘party barge’ and teetered around American Lake for an afternoon.  The next day we hit the slopes at the Crystal Ski Resort (a cool place to board in the winter, but now a new summer destination).  Riding the gondola to the top, we marveled at the great Mt. Rainier, neighbored by Mt. Adams and Mount St. Helens.  A hike to a mountain lake really sealed the deal.

Although born in North Carolina, I have come to view the Pacific Northwest as my home.  I am a northwesterner to my core, and I have got to give props to Idaho to keep this fire burning.  See you in two weeks, Caldwell!