Just around the corner

By Madai Montes

The tension is building, the tears are starting to form, the goodbyes are being said, and it’s almost time to say goodbye and start a brand new life. I’ve expressed my concerns in recent blog posts about how nervous I am for school; however, I have not given much appreciation to the staff at The College of Idaho, they have truly helped me overcome my freshman jitters. They are one of the many reasons I chose to attend The College of Idaho. I chose C of I over the millions of other schools out there, because when I called the staff was extremely friendly, all my questions were answered, and they spent hours with me on the phone. The minute I visited campus I felt like that was where I belonged. Even now, waiting for weeks and weeks it feels like I’m waiting to finally go home. I feel so bad for my counselor, Will Fowler, I constantly call him over and over and ask him question after question, and Jen Nelson with residential life, I’m constantly flooding her with emails, you guys both rock.

The website is bookmarked on my laptop and I sketched out my entire schedule for next year before even attending registration! I want to be prepared, and the staff at The College of Idaho has helped me extensively, when I call they do not sound annoyed like so many other colleges, they sound like they can’t wait to answer my questions!

That is one of the reasons I’m excited to go to The College of Idaho, the people. If the counseling staff is so epic, I cannot wait to meet the rest of the staff. I’ve read all about them on the online staff report. Whoops…Maybe I should’ve kept that to myself.  As far as reading all the other bloggers entries I can tell they are amazing people as well. On The College of Idaho Class of 2015 Facebook page I’ve already met even more incoming freshman and I’m so excited to meet them in person! This last week I’m getting everything together, arranging my job transfer for Caldwell, packing up everything I can, donating clothes, buying clothes, packing clothes, shopping for missing supplies, asking more and more questions over and over again to my counselor, my Wyglaf (an upperclassman) and my roommates, who are really cool as well.

Saying goodbye to good friends is the hardest part. I’m even squeezing in extra time with all of my friends before I leave doing small things such as going to the park, the movies and out for walks. It feels like I’m starting a brand new life, four hours away. I wonder how others feel coming from another country; I’m having a hard time adjusting to the thought of being four hours away. I’m extremely excited though, my counselors and the website have really helped me prepare and everyone has helped me in defining exactly what I should expect in the first week.

So far so good! I cannot wait to finally step foot on my new home, and it’s all thanks to everyone who has made that possible!

Thank you!