What to do?

By Madai Montes

It’s so close; I can smell it! College! The dorm life, the awesome campus events, the life changing classes; I cannot wait for this experience to begin! The countdown is beginning to come to an end, and by the end of this week, I will be making my next post as a college student. However, no matter how excited I am, I am still extremely stressed. So, because I hope this doesn’t happen to any other incoming freshman, here are some tips on what to do once school starts to sneak up on you.

  1. Finish your summer homework. You don’t want that getting in the way of the rest of your summer.
  2. Now that your homework is out of the way, make sure you double check that all your paperwork is complete. If it is not complete finish it a.s.a.p. Dorm life paperwork, financial aid – the works.
  3. As soon as everything is complete, you have the rest of the summer to relax. If you have a roommate, get acquainted with him or her right away. It’s always nice to know someone on campus before arriving.
  4. Construct a list of everything you will need for your dorm and class. This way, you can start to gather everything you need one by one instead of gathering everything up at the last minute.
  5. Go to your favorite places one last time before you leave.
  6. Talk to your admission counselor and make sure everything is all set.
  7. Read, write, watch documentaries, play Sudoku, and do anything else that will keep your brain sharp throughout the summer. 
  8.  Watch that summer blockbuster you have been dying to watch all summer.
  9. Before leaving make sure you hang out with everyone who is close to you. It isn’t a goodbye, but you will still miss them once you leave.
  10. Last but not least; be lazy! It will be your last chance to be lazy, so rest, rest, rest!!