Idaho Bound

Who knew an eight hour car ride could be so mundane? Oh that’s right… I did.  The trek across the Washington, Oregon and Idaho state borders could not have been more uninteresting.  Granted, it was beautiful weather, and the gorgeous landscapes and cornucopia of recently burnt cd’s helped pass the time.

Highlights of the trip:

  1. Making it into Oregon in under four hours (legally)
  2. Having gas pumped for me in Oregon
  3. Febreeze fight with my brother in WalMart
  4. Making fun of the names of cities
  5. Realizing I won’t have to do the drive again until May

All in all, we made it in one piece. My bike even stayed on the back of my car (I told my brother we’d leave it if it fell). As we opened the doors to 90 degree, Caldwell air, we stretched our legs before unpacking my life, up three floors of stairs.

Helloooo Finney.

-Sara Davis