I am here! :)

I’m here! All these weeks of planning have finally come to an end. It all started on a Sunday. After a sad round of goodbyes to everyone I love, I was off on a four hour drive to Caldwell, Idaho. It was a sad day.  I was lucky enough to move in early because of a debate retreat, and even with the extra time, it took me around 12 hours and a couple of trips to Wal-Mart to settle down and have my room perfect.

I have a triple room, so I am really lucky. The first few days were silent; I would seldom see a person here and there around campus. I took the time to familiarize myself with the campus. The gym is open 24/7, and campus safety is always there even if you are too scared to walk across campus alone at night. The dining hall is as always, triple amazing and healthy, too! I stayed within my comfort zone for the first few days, but on the day the entire freshmen class attacked Hayman Hall, there was nowhere to run to!

I was forced into making new friends during freshman orientation to the McCall retreat.

I must say,The College of Idaho really has strange and fascinating new ways to join a group together; it was a lot of fun.

I was scared at first in making new friends, but slowly, it just happened. I am really thankful for that. Now that everyone is comfortable with each other, it’s time for college to start! I experienced hundreds of new activities in less than four days, ranging from balancing a log with 16 girls on it, to canoeing, hundreds of name games, eating at a vegetarian camp, speed dating, watching a hilarious comedian, and so on.

How does a freshman feel coming into a whole new world? Scared. Scared of what the world is going to throw at him or her, scared about living life without those who have raised them from the beginning of time, scared of failure, scared of meeting new people. That’s what a freshman feels. Once on campus, the amazing teams of RA’s, first year mentors, and Whelps have made this transition many times easier. I am excited to begin a new year. I will keep you updated as time goes by. Like I told my friends upon leaving, “this isn’t the end; this is a whole new beginning.”

-Madai Montes