Happy Labor Day…not

Bummed about not having today off of school?  You’re not alone.  However, you will soon realize that there are some serious benefits to our school’s tradition of not recognizing most weekday holidays in favor of the week-long mid-semester break.

My first instinct when I see people’s Facebook statuses about their long weekends and days off of work and school is to be super jealous and a little envious of their big plans.  Yet, I’m sure once that Monday comes around, it just ends up feeling like a regular ol’ Sunday.  And hey, how lucky are we that our school gives us a WEEK off every six weeks?!  In my opinion, that’s way better.

So, friends, when you’re feeling a little hint of bitterness because you’re going to class today, remember that in six weeks, we’ll get to rub it in everyone’s faces with our statuses that we have a whopping seven days off.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do during your “Midsemester Recess”:

  • Plan a road trip.  Get enough people to fill a car and drive through the Northwest.  See pretty places, take goofy pictures, make memories.
  • Catch up with friends outside of C of I.  Visit those who are attending other schools, check out their dorms, pretend to be a student, etc.
  • Go home, sleep in your own bed, remember why you love your family.
  • Stay on campus and watch movies, ride bikes, and make Crock-Pot meals with everyone else who is staying here too.  (Winter Break 2011 was great, guys.)

So plan on having a great time during your 3 weeklong breaks:

  • Fall Break:  October 17-21
  • Winter Break:  January 30-February 3
  • Spring Break:  March 19-23

And to see our full Academic Calendar, click here.

-Melanie Palmer