Big Bird Memories

Last night I attended the school year’s first “Late Night”.  It always falls on Tuesday nights at 9 pm in KAIC, and I always leave a little less stressed than when I entered.

Late Night is an hour long get-together put on by Campus Ministries. The live music, welcoming faces and thoughtful message provide a great escape in the middle of what seems to be an endless week.  There’s a great atmosphere (especially when the AC is working), and a great sense of community. I make sure to squeeze in a homework sesh between classes so that I can really enjoy myself when 9 o’clock rolls around.

I cannot wait for the many events Campus Ministries has planned this year!  One of which includes ice blocking this weekend (an open invitation to all! Check out their page on facebook). As I reminisced on the plethora of Campus Ministry events that occurred last year as a freshman, I particularly remember the giant slip and slide, hanging out in McCain, playing guitar with some of the band members, and the scavenger hunt.  My team had chosen Sesame Street as a theme, because what would be funnier than a giant yellow bird and a blue thing in a garbage can running around campus?


PHOTO: Yeah, I'm wearing feathers.

-Sara Davis