So many letters, so many colors, so many girls! That’s right, rush week is here, meaning formal recruitment for the sororities on (and off) campus is in full bloom…

This is my first formal recruitment within Kappa Alpha Theta, and I cannot help but absolutely love it.  It gives me a great opportunity to spend time with all of my ‘sisters’, as well as meet a big pack of freshmen, plus a sprinkle of sophomores and juniors.

This week has been full of new faces, new names, and a newfound pride amongst my chapter.  I am so proud to be surrounded by such beautiful girls with awesome academic standing and charismatic personalities.  Okay, I’m bragging. But I can’t help it; the Greek system here at the C of I provides girls with a multitude of interests and tastes an opportunity to come together and unite over something.  Being a Theta, I now have thousands and thousands of ‘sisters’ across the country, all of whom have the same love and admiration for the sorority as I do.  The time, energy and emotion we put in all of our activities and charities really makes a difference.

Being a part of Greek life has taken nothing away from my college experience, and on the contrary, has only enhanced it.  Holler to my girls in the Eta Eta chapter here on campus! TL <3

-Sara Davis