Fall break. I will overcome you!

Whew! I'm glad that’s over. You know what I’m talking about: Midterm week. That was intense! Yes, I am sure many of my fellow bloggers have stated otherwise (no offense to them; I love them dearly), but I am a dramatic freshman; and for me it was a very intense, stressful, midterm week.

However, I am sort of, kind of, proud of myself! I had a four-day debate tournament the week before, which took up my entire weekend. On top of that, I had to work on Monday and Wednesday of Midterm week. I had an essay due for First Year Seminar, a huge midterm to study for in Western Civilization, a theater production review due for Drama, and on top of that, I was sick with a cold. AND! I DID IT ALL!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! ME!!!! (jumps up and down ten times) I TURNED EVERYTHING IN ON TIME! I feel really good! My room looks like crap and my laundry is ten feet high but I feel like I did really well! I’m sort of excited for our midterm grades to come out.

Moving onto the topic of Fall Break. Honestly, I want school to start again. No offense College of Idaho, no matter how much I love you, staying here over Fall Break isn’t very cheap. Especially for a poor college student. The Cafeteria is CLOSED!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! WHY!!!!? Why would you do something like that to me?   It’s not just me, there are plenty of international students who are saddened by the fact that the caf is closed. It’s like we were forgotten…everything is closed. I know it’s not really the intention of the College. Everyone has a Fall Break and, naturally, this is what occurs. Nobody is here; the campus is quiet and eerie.

Did you know that free movie Monday doesn’t work during Fall Break!? WHAT!!! Why didn’t anybody tell me that? My friend Josie and I drove all the way to Nampa seeking a cheap form of entertainment and foolishly showed our college IDs. The lady at the counter was like, “Sorry, we are not doing that this week. We will start up again next week.” WHAT!? Why?? Seriously, Reel theater, you are a cheap theater; you are not affiliated with the College. So you shouldn’t be on Fall Break as well! What are two free movie tickets going to cost you?

Sorry for going off on a tangent. That was my little anger rant. Just one for this month.

I just want everyone to know that I miss the loud hallways. I miss the doors slamming, the messy kitchen, the cafeteria, and my friends. EVERYONE COME BACK! I hope you have all enjoyed spending time with your families and are having a much deserved break. But I also hope that you come back soon.

If you wanna take a look at my weekend with the debate team here is a video link: 

Safe travels!

PHOTO: Making a mess in the kitchen.

-Madai Montes