Dear Student Yote Fans,

We love your support.  We love your cheers, your outfits, and your body paint.  We love it when you’re decked out in purple and gold and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.  Your enthusiasm truly helps us to be better players on the court.  We want to win for you, Yote fans.

So we think you should know about an awesome opportunity that the Executive Council has provided you with.

There will be a SPIRIT BUS next weekend to caravan all of the best and boldest fans around the Northwest to cheer on your favorite C of I athletes.  We think that this is pretty sweet.  You can cheer for us while we battle Southern Oregon in Ashland.  Then you can support the cross country team at their meet.  And then you can drive to La Grande, Oregon, and scream your Yote pride chants towards the men’s basketball team.  What a cool deal.

Check your emails for the rest of the details.  Make sure you reply by Thursday at 3:00 p.m. to claim a spot on the best bus ride of your life.

All our love,

The Volleyball Team

-Melanie Palmer