October came and went, and it’s time to really settle into Fall. But how do you do that?

During Fall Break I swung over to Tacoma for a nice breather, and made sure to bring scarves, boots, and coats back to Idaho… I am cozy and I am still wondering how on earth to cope with this ‘Fall’ concept.  I love the change of weather, the colorful leaves, yes, the crisp wind…

But what is there to do? The nights are getting too chilly to loiter around campus or in someone’s backyard… The days are too chaotic with students up to their ears in classwork to enjoy a friend in the quad…

What are some of the fall-y activities out there in the college world? Raking leaves into a friend’s dorm? Smashing pumpkins down the stairwells*? Drinking cider near an open fire?

I have yet to fall into Fall… Does someone have a pumpkin I could carve?

*I only endorse pumpkin smashing when done so in the context of this equation:

Halloween night  + 2 days = smashsmashsmash your heart out

-Sara Davis