College – You can do it!

My cousin, Cameron is in the fourth or fifth grade (am I bad cousin because I can’t remember?), and was assigned to write a research paper on a college.  He chose… you guessed it, The College of Idaho!  This is cool for a couple of reasons:

  1. We’re from California, and he could’ve chosen any of the hundred billion options of schools that are more local.
  2. His grandparents (from his mom’s side) met at C of I!  How craaaazy is that?!  I found this out after I decided to go here, and it blew my mind.
  3. I just think it’s cool that the youngsters are thinking about college already.  You can do this!  College for everyone!

So in Cam’s research, he emailed me asking some specific questions about the admission requirements, such as acceptable GPA, SAT & ACT scores, and available scholarships.  These were questions that needed to be directed towards the professionals.

I walked on over to Hendren and asked the Admission Department for answers.  They are so great!  They gave me an assortment of literature about the admissions process, which I scanned and emailed back to Cam in California.  Everyone at Center Street Elementary in El Segundo will be so informed!

But what I learned from this experience, and what I want to tell you – mostly to any prospective students – is that there are so many great scholarships available to you!  You’ve got to go check out all of the pamphlets!

I learned that the numbers and scores aren’t always the most important thing that Admissions looks at when looking at your application.  They want students who are passionate, well-rounded, respectable people.  So I encourage you to apply, do your own research, and find out how to make your college dreams possible!

PHOTO: This isn't Cameron, but it's the next best thing. Here are my brothers, Jake and Josh, and our cousin Jordan on their first day of fifth grade! (But they're big 7th graders now) Future college students...

-Melanie Palmer