Madai’s Classes (Part 2)

This is the story of a little girl, this little girl wanted to be an actress, so she took Joe Golden’s Fundamentals of Acting Class. Best decision, ever! Sorry for the strange introduction, but I just wanted to make it more DRAMATIC!

Drama has been a part of my life since high school. But college drama is so much more different! When you think of drama you sometimes think of high school drama, like fits of rage, and boyfriend problems, and that’s kinda true. In high school drama is very high school drama-y. In college, it’s DRAMA! Like real, passionate, love-you-forever drama. The kind of drama that you watch in Titanic drama! Anyway, I love my fundamentals class. It’s a mix of fun character development games, impromptu, and presenting scenes. It’s a challenging class, but not a calculus-type challenging. Instead, it’s a creative mind type of challenge. Your homework consists of studying your script, or working with a partner on interpreting lines, or simply coming up with a monologue to introduce yourself.

The professor, Joe Golden, is a real life actor. He is seen acting at the Idaho Shakesphere Festival all the time. He is such a fun person to get to know. His accents and fun characters make class ten times more enjoyable. Right now we are working on acting out full scenes from real plays. I’m excited! This is one of the many reasons I love Tuesdays. Fundamentals of Acting day! BRING ON THE DRAMA!

PHOTO: Being DRAMATIC in downtown Boise.

-Madai Montes