Here comes Thanksgiving! I am SO EXCITED! This is my first trip home since school started and I am beyond excited! I am ecstatic! Thrilled! HAPPY! And any other synonym you can think of! I am going to go home and sleep! Then eat! Then sleep some more ! And SHOP!

You know, thinking about Thanksgiving, a lot of people say there really is no point to Thanksgiving. That the first Thanksgiving is actually what started the near extinction of Native American tribes in America. I would like to respectfully disagree. However, I feel that if you were to speculate the origin of any holiday or event that is celebrated no one would want to celebrate anything!

What I look at ultimately is the fact that Thanksgiving is an opportunity to get together with beloved family members, and eat great food and be merry! Is that really a bad thing? Thanksgiving, or any holiday in general, is a great distraction from stress, school, and work.

This year I am taking two friends home with me, and I am so excited to share this with them! My mom is an amazing cook, (yes I know everybody says that) and I cannot wait to eat her food once more!

In conclusion, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend! Safe travels! AND SAFE SHOPPING!

PHOTO: Family time!

-Madai Montes