Classes (Part 3)

Well here is where I write about one of my hardest classes in college so far. French 1. I know it sounds silly. Having a 100-level class be one of my hardest classes isn’t really something to advertise. However, learning a new language is never easy.

First of all the language you are trying to learn is written in an entire new text. You have to learn the accents, the nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. It is like starting over in kindergarten class when you had to learn the alphabet. It is much worse though because I am in college now and learning the alphabet and my numbers again is the hardest challenge I have to overcome.

It is an emotional process learning a new language. It is frustrating not knowing what your teacher is saying, or what your homework says. Some days I will be super excited because I understand exactly what is going on, and other days I just feel like crying because I cannot even begin to relate to what the rest of the class understands.

Don’t get me wrong. It is so much fun learning about new cultures and learning different languages. I grew up being taught both Spanish and English, so I figured learning a new language would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong, this has been one of my greatest challenges in college so far. I am getting the hang of it though, so hopefully one day I can write to you all in French! No matter how great of a challenge it is to learn a new language, I won’t give up! ONE DAY I HOPE TO KNOW AT LEAST 5 LANGUAGES! :)

Thanks for listening,

-Madai Montes

Au revoir!

Thanks for listening!