Speech Courses

SPE-101 Basic Public Speaking3 credits

Theory and practice in the fundamental skills needed to create and deliver effective speeches before an audience.

SPE-199 Debate I1 credit

This course is designed for students who wish to participate in intercollegiate debate and speech competitions. It will consist of lecture/discussion sessions and mock debates. Students may compete and attend lecture/discussion sessions without enrolling for credit. Only three units of credit will count toward the major in Politics and Economics or International Political Economy. May be repeated for credit. Pass/Fail.

SPE-201 Foundations of Oral Communication3 credits

A broad-based introduction to oral communication in daily life. Includes theory and experience in communication models, interpersonal communication, group discussion, and formal public speaking.

SPE-301 Oral Argumentation3 credits


The course will identify and explain the concepts students must know and the steps they must take when constructing an argument. The course will emphasize argumentation as a communicative activity in which students advance claims and their grounds, then strengthen and refine them using compelling evidence that will resist the refutation of others. Real-life application of the theories of argumentation will be stressed along with the importance of academic debate of current social issues. Students will participate in debates and presentations designed to build their skills in argumentation. Students will also be tested on their understanding of argumentation models starting with Aristotle and the Greeks, then concluding with Chomsky and other modern critics of rhetoric.

SPE-305 Paradigms in Intercultural Communication3 credits

This course explores phenomena related to intercultural and co-cultural communication with an emphasis on methodological approaches to the study of culture. This course will focus on globalization, cultural groups, and communicative differences in order to explicate quantitative, interpretive, and critical approaches to communication.

SPE-399 Debate II1 credit


This course is designed for students who wish to participate in intercollegiate debate and speech competitions. It will have lectures, discussion sessions, and debates. Only three units of credit from SPE-199/399 will count toward the Speech Rhetoric Minor. May be repeated for credit. Pass/Fail.