WT 2012

We meet again, Winter Term.

3-5 credits packed into four tiny weeks…The sheer chaos begins!

In all honesty, Winter Term here at the C of I is quite nice.  Yes, you may have a workload that exceeds that of Apple’s CEO, however you have all day to do it.  The days feel long, but the weeks feel short, and everyone falls into a steady little rhythm.

Even the caf ladies notice the difference—they do not miss the bombardment of students over lunch hour because most of the classes fall between 10 AM and 1 PM. You better believe most kids aren’t getting up for an early breakfast … I’m there at 8 and practically have the place to myself. And let me tell you, when you are the only once in the cafeteria, you end up convincing yourself you have a private chef. It’s a good life.

This winter I decided to spice things up by signing up for yoga, where you enroll at the YMCA (a mile down the street) for the endurance of the semester (four weeks—you can smell my dedication from here!).  Yoga sounds relaxing, yes, however throw in some Zumba, cycling, and weight training and you’ll find yourself falling out of your chair in choir from exhaustion (oops).  When you are motivated by letter grades, like most brown nosers out of highschool (myself), it’s a great/guilt-ridden way to stay in shape! Plus it puts me to sleep like a baby each night. Sleeping, by the way, is a great way to pass time during winter term. As well as art projects, cleaning your room, and doing 3 weeks worth of laundry. Hey, even though you have one class to worry about, procrastination is still on the table!

I’m not kidding—I used a vacuum for the first time here at college just yesterday.

- Sara Davis