In studying Elementary Education, I learn many different classroom strategies and management styles.  However, one thing that stands out to me is a method called Tribes, in which students learn in a classroom that focuses on human growth and learning, with an emphasis on creating a positive learning community.

I want this post to reflect my favorite part of Tribes – appreciations.  Tribes encourages appreciation within a classroom because it allows the students and teachers to express positive thoughts and acknowledge special qualities, skills, and contributions that one may recognize.

When student teaching in a third grade class at Van Buren Elementary, my favorite part of the day was when the students would share appreciations and say things like, “I appreciate Crystal because she helped me with my math worksheet” or “I appreciate Sam because he is my friend.”  These comments allowed everyone to recognize one another for doing great things, and although it was a simple task, it made such a huge difference in the attitudes of the children.

So, today, I’d like to make a short list of (some serious, and other not so serious) appreciations I’d like to acknowledge:

  • I appreciate my health and the health of my family and friends.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to learn at the College of Idaho because I find the challenge to always be rewarding.
  • I appreciate the support that I have from my mom; talking to her reminds me of what is most important to me.
  • I appreciate having a membership to the YMCA because dancing my butt off in Zumba class is really fun.  I also appreciate how close it is to the college.
  • I appreciate my Netflix subscription because I easily have access to too many shows and movies, which helps when I need to put off writing a paper for a little while longer.

What are some of your appreciations?  Hope everyone has a nice Winter Break!