As time goes by

Certain moments leave a tremendous impact on your life that forever change the way you perceive the world.

For me this event occurred during Winter Break. Winter Break is an amazing time of year C of I students are blessed with that many other schools do not have. Therefore, when you are visiting your friends from other schools during Winter Break you can rub it in their face! :)

Anyway, I was given the incredible opportunity of coaching and traveling with my old high school debate team to the national qualifying tournament. Excited to meet up with my coach and some of my old friends I unexpectedly made some new ones.

I was assigned the task of preparing a group of students for the tournament that was to take place later in the week. Little did I know just how much time and effort was invested in such a small group of teenagers. How do I even begin to describe how it feels to use your experience and knowledge to help others succeed. I spent so much time with these teenagers that I simply cannot wait to meet up with them again.

This experience opened my eyes to just how much work and effort all of my teachers have put into me for so many years. How many hours I was taking out of their day by simply existing. How many times they were there to help me and coach me into becoming a better person.

So many things change when you are on the other side of the equation. Helping the students slowly master their skills in Speech & Debate just made me realize how much I love helping students! Sure it was a lot of hard work and truly exhausting, but at the end of the day it was a feeling of satisfaction that no amount of time or money could replace. I discovered that being sucked up in my daily routine of college life just made me forget how important service to others really is. I cannot even begin to explain how much my appreciation for my teachers in my past and present has skyrocketed. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me, for being so selfless and making the world a better place.  

That is why I have made a new goal! To make sure and do some sort of good deed every day for the rest of my life. Just a small deed, something I can do in service to those who have changed my life or are about to. Look out campus because here I come, giving service back to you! 

-Madai Montes