Until We Eat Again

I was occupying my time one night by perusing the Internet, when I found a link on Facebook.  It led to a website called Kickstarter, highlighting a project by my friend and fellow C of I student, Katy Stewart.  

At first glance, I saw a chunk of cheese, and was instantly curious.  I watched the video and then learned all about her plans for her senior honors project, which is a combination of her passions of food, anthtropology, and  environmental studies.  She will be travelling to Italy this summer to study food culture - specifically the process of making cheese - and compare food movements in Italy with those in Idaho and the United States.  

Katy explains on her Kickstarter webpage, "My goal is to look specifically at three different subjects within the project: governmental policies, because they have a huge impact on what farms can and can’t do; the value that the people place on food, because it shows both what the farmworkers themselves believe and also how they adapt to the values of the customers; how the land and place is treated, because it is a manifestation of the value people have of the place in which they live and work.  Through these three topics I hope to find not an in depth picture of how culture and food production interact in the individual countries, but a general idea of what the differences and similarities are between the U.S. and Italy." 

The cool thing about the Kickstarter page is that it is a means of fundraising for Katy.  By explaining her ideas, plans, and goals on this website, she is asking for "backers" for her project, meaning anyone can donate any amount of money to help her successfully achieve her goals.  If enough people back her up, and help her raise the $1300 she explains will help her travel to and from Rome, the project will be a success.  However, if the project is not funded by March 11, she will not receive the funding.  She has currently earned 25% of her goal, but deserves the full 100%!  Let's help her get there by donating any amount possible.  Bonus - increase in pledge amount earns you different "thank you" gifts, ranging from a postcard from Italy to cheese from every farm she works on!

To learn more about Katy and her project "Until We Eat Again," visit her Kickstarter page, her blog, or her project's Facebook.  She is one hardworking girl and deserves our support!  Go Katy!

-Melanie Palmer