I need to declare what!?

I am at that point in my life: Declaring a major. I could consider myself lucky. I mean compared to other European students I didn't have to make this epic life decision until now.

Even though I am extremely lucky compared to other poor unfortunate souls, I feel like I am not prepared to make this decision yet. For awhile I considered maybe the people I hang out with could determine what major I would enjoy more. It makes sense right? The type of people you hang around are the kind that make you happy, and that would somehow tie into the type of people I would want to surround myself with for the rest of my life, right?

Problem. My friends consist of biology majors, math majors, political economy majors, English majors, business majors, history majors, and so on. There is no one group of majors that I identify myself with. Everyone who knows what they want to major in seems so sure about it.

How? How do you decide what the rest of your life is going to look like? I am really struggling with declaring my major. However, thanks to the PEAKs in our liberal arts curriculum I know my set major is somewhere in social sciences and history; that's what makes me happy and what interests me.

Right now I am declaring a history major. Why? I love history! I love politics, religion, culture, philosophy and everything that influences a nation. I feel that history ties all of these topics together quite nicely. This way I get to learn all of the things I love at the same time!

On top of that I just adore the history department here at The College of Idaho. Talk about a colorful group of people! I am not a hundred percent sure about what I want to do with a history major; all I know is that I enjoy learning history. Who knows? I might change my mind later. It is, however, a challenging major and I love it!

Thats' all that matters right? Doing what you love! 


Confused Madai <3

-Madai Montes