Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Sometimes preparing for a test takes a little kick…

I have a hard time having my nose in a textbook for any amount of time exceeding approximately ten minutes.  So I have adapted new study techniques to help bulk up my brain.

This week I had a cell biology test which required a lot of memorization, systemic concepts, and big picture ideas.  I surpassed this obstacle using my 24 set of colored markers—by color coding continuous ideas throughout my notes, or by assigning polar amino acid groups blue vs. basic amino acids yellow for instance, I could organize my thoughts better.

I have also reverted back to diagrams, including proteins with happy faces, and cell membranes with party hats.

Hey, if my notes are fun, maybe I’ll look at them more!  It is important to figure out what method of studying works for best for you--hopefully by the end of freshman year.

Study on, yotes.

-Sara Davis