I came to College to live in a basement

I love checking my mail at the College. I could have most of my mail be sent to my house where I live, but it’s just more satisfying having to use your own special key to unlock your box. It proves much more of a rewarding sensation when something comes in the mail, like today when I signed for a t-shirt that I had ordered from arrived. The mail staff is always super friendly and quick. I had a funny moment as I signed my name to receive my package when the attendant on duty asked me about my last name (I feel bad, because she knew my name but I still don’t know hers. Oh well.). She had been setting up a box for a new employee, which happens to be my mom.

Today (March 7th) was my mom’s first day working at the College. It’s going to be different, but I’m really excited that my mom got a job on campus. She’s going to be working at the business office in Hendren, probably processing parts of student accounts. She’s worked under CPAs before coming here, but she’s wanted a change in pace and she’s told me that contributing towards education has always been something valuable to her. After attending for two years and only seeing her whenever I could get into Boise and on breaks, being able to meet her in Simplot for lunch will be a new experience.

As for me, I’ve become the stereotypical junior, with no spare time on the weekdays. I've literally spent more time on the bottom floor of Sterry than at home over the past few days. I’m currently working on two projects for the psychology department and the Cognitive Plasticity Lab here on campus, and they’ve really taken up most of my spare hours. The most time-intensive project I’m working on is a multi-week long cognitive training program with several phases of participant testing. I finish my classes in the morning and then from usually around 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. I stay up to about 8 p.m. at night, checking on participants as they work on different tasks and record data for analysis. It’s exciting, and although I’ve been running from building to building between all my tasks, I feel invigorated.

Today I sat down momentarily for lunch with biology professor Luke Daniels, and our newest addition to the psychology faculty, Lauren Brewer, along with her fiancé. As a new doctorate from Florida State, Ms. Brewer was hired to expand the College’s social psychology classes. We talked about the courses she’ll be working on next year, and had an interesting conversation about longitudinal data in relation to social psychology. I’m really excited to learn more from her, and see what more she has to offer to the psychology department.

Now I’m back to catching up on my reading between the different appointments of participants in the lab. Ah well. “Keeps you out of trouble,” as Professor Berger tells me.

-Andrew Moore