ResLife Hwy Clean-up

"How does Chinden Blvd. look so well kept?" you may ask... Well, your RA's clean it up, of course!  Three times a year, the trusty College of Idaho Residence Life staff put on their neon armour and gloves to conquer the trash that is littered along a section of Chinden Blvd. here in Caldwell.


It's a great way for us to get together and do something for the beloved Caldwell community that we love.  We divide up into teams and tackle the empty road until it is essentially spotless.  Along the way, we often find some fun surprises like old family photos or VHS tapes, which turns into a contest to essentially see who finds the best unwanted item.


This time, we had even more surprises!  The Easter Bunny (aka Jen Nelson, Director of ResLife) dropped an assortment of eggs along the highway for all of the RA's to find!  It was actually a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning.

- Melanie Palmer