I've eaten so many viruses over the past week

They make these bracelets for anything. 

This is what my nurse gave me so I'd remember to take my typhoid vaccine every other day. I took a pill each morning, filled with a nice dose of living Typhoid to tango with my immune system. I finished the course today. Hoping that it sticks.

I had a pretty good weekend. My fraternity welcomed three new brothers into its ranks, and we also met with our alumni as we celebrated our chapter's founding. I had a good talk with one of our recent grads who was just accepted to Gonzaga's master's program for counseling. He gave me some nice advice about what to expect and how to proceed when beginning the process to apply for grad school. It's amazing that I'm at this point where I'm seriously considering graduate school. As a freshman it wasn't even something that was on my radar; I thought that was only something that people who wanted to become surgeons or lawyers had to do. But now, as I'm wrapping up my Junior year, and solidifying summer plans/internships, it's become something more common on my mind day-to-day. I've received nothing but encouragement from my teachers, perhaps the customary warning that "maybe a year off would be good as well", but only positive things which causes that once unthinkable topic to burn a little brighter each day. Yesterday I finally ordered one of those study guides for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) that I'll be taking probably next summer or the following fall. Even though it was as simple as me making a payment with my debit card, to me it also symbolized one of those moments where you can tangibly feel how you are forging your own future. It really makes me pause to think where I would be without the support that my mentors have been able to give to me.

In a similar vein, I had another academic moment worth marking this weekend. Last weekend the College hosted its annual Student Research Conference. Alumnus Charles Buck ('82) opened the conference with a speech about his early days after graduation and his first experiences with research in a New York lab investigating the first few samples of the then un-diagnosed HIV disease. The SRC is the College's way of allowing students with finished research projects to display them for the viewing of their peers, professors and alumni, and seeing this wayward Coyote return home to acknowledge this was really cool. 

I presented my research that I've been doing with my partner about video games and the stratification of "gamers" based on hypothetical categories, and we had a ton of people walk over and talk to us. I never really expected to be working on this particular area of psychology, but it's become something I'm fairly familiar with. We decided to begin this research after examining previous work on video games. Studies on games and gamers have been increasing over the last decade, but there haven't been any real attempts to classify gamers based on anything other than the genre they play and the amount of time they spend each week doing this activity. My partner Josh and I felt there was more to it, and the survey measure we created showed a relationship between our hypothetical categories and established psychological measures of personality. I've attached a link our poster to the bottom of the post. (If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them here.)

19 days till departure.

-Andrew Moore