Side Stepping Hobo-Fights

Looking back on my last two years at The College of Idaho, I feel a lot of gratitude.  Not only do we have a beautiful, active, friendly campus, we also have an incredibly safe campus.  Never once have I felt threatened or scared, or remotely in danger, which is pretty unbelievable considering I’m skipping through what is considered the city of Caldwell. But really, The College of Idaho has done a wonderful job in putting up some seemingly magic, invisible walls which protect the campus from all sorts of funky danger stuff.

Let me draw some comparisons between what my brother might experience at his large, northwest university vs. what I would do here at the C of I:  Here, we call people we don’t know “townies”, who are much more scary in concept than in reality, and who fail to actually interrupt any of our campus activities or events.  Mike (my brother), has homeless people endearingly called hobos.  These hobos do cause problems, and actually become violent at times.  If WE were to experience any sort of violence or danger (but most commonly, a locked door), we call Campus Safety.  Mike would call the police.  Furthermore, if we feel somehow involved in a conflict, we take it to the student-lead judicial board on campus.  In Mike’s case, people go to court. 

I do not intend to imply than the C of I deals with emergency situations insufficiently—I am trying to express that the C of I rarely experiences any sort of emergency! On the slim chance we encounter any sort of trouble, it is dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Luckily, the C of I doesn’t experience hobo fights.  And what’s even better (and completely off topic), Campus Safety has sweet golf carts.

I love our school.  It’s sort of magical in the fact that the campus feels like its own little world.  But why would you want to leave, anyway? With the Caf, McCain, Campus Safety, and President Marv on your side, you are pretty much set for life.

Go Yotes! Can’t wait to see you in the Fall for round three :)

-Sara Davis