Workouts for the average Yotie

These are the three best College of Idaho workouts destined towards the end of the year:

1) Moving out!  Not only are your arms super “swoll” by your eighth trip to the car, but when you are lucky enough to live on third floor Finney (lucky me…) your legs feel the burn, too.  The mini fridge takes a lot of dexterity and nimbleness taking corners, which is an awesome combination with the forty pounds of metal. So sweet, so sweet. 

2) Slip and Slide Activities! Every year, Campus Ministries hosts a giant slip and slide event at the soccer field.  Whether you are trekking up the hill for the 30th time, or running after a Frisbee out in the field, a guarantee great tan and aerobic activity was accomplished. The BBQ and frozen treats were a bonus.

3) Running to your last final! Everyone has that day where they forget to set their alarm… or maybe slept straight through it due to stress-comas and/or late-night study sessions.  No matter the case, the final sprint to the Boone steps brings the heart rate up and accelerates the adrenaline for that three hour test that awaits. Cheers!

I hope all of you Yotes enjoyed the last few workouts here at the C of I—I know I did!

-Sara Davis