Thank You!

The summer is about to begin and I am super excited! But before reading, sleeping and relaxing time for three months I would like to take this opportunity to give a few thank you’s for this year.

First of I would like to thank the amazing admission office for answering all of my questions, phone calls and emails at the beginning of the year that helped me make the right college decision. Next, I would like to thank the Office of Residential Life for planning and preparing our First-Year Experience and making The College of Idaho my home for the college year. Thank you to my amazing RA, Renee, and First-Year Mentor, Emily, thank you to all of the RAs and FYMs for always being there to help and support me whenever I needed it.

Thank you to Campus Safety for making me feel safe and secure on campus, and for always addressing my concerns with a sympathetic heart. Thank you Terteling Library and Staff for helping me find what I need every day and for supplying me with the needed books and printers for getting through the school year. Thank you Bon Appetit Food Services for feeding me all year long and for having an amazing staff who genuinely cares.

Thank you to the CEL Office and Staff for supporting me academically and helping me whenever I need help. Thank you to the nurse for being there and making me feel better when I was feeling down. Thank you to the counseling center for addressing my concerns. Thank you to the Business Office for listening and helping me when I asked. Thank you to the Registrar for putting up with me and my schedule changes. Thank you to the Student Life Office and Program Council for organizing events and making college life fun and entertaining.

Thank you to all of my amazing professors who have been there for me all year long and have made my school year unforgettable. Thank you to the history department for everything you’ve done for me this year! Last but not least thank you Dustin Wunderlich and the Marketing & Communications Department for giving me this amazing opportunity to blog for the College this year.

-Madai Montes