Goodbye, C of I!

I did it!  I graduated!  It was pretty surreal to walk through campus in a cap and gown, only to realize that it would be my last time as a student.  

The ceremony was lovely.  I really enjoyed listening to the speakers and clapping for my fellow students as they received their diplomas.  But my favorite part was giving high fives down the line to my family, who were sitting in the front row, as I walked back after receiving my own diploma.  At that moment, I had so much appreciation for my experience at C of I.  I recognized the importance of my family and friends, the support of the faculty and staff, and the community that I was a part of for three years.  It all means so much to me.  

So thank you, College of Idaho, and everyone who is a part of this community, for being awesome.  I really can't think of a better way to describe how I feel.     

-Melanie Palmer, Class of 2012