I Will Post Enigmatic Statements to Intrigue You. All The Time.

So my name is Rahul Sharma, and this year, I will be a junior at The College of Idaho. I am a Fine Art major (a really fancy title for someone who spends a lot of money and ends up with the same skill set as a graffiti artist or a house painter). I feel necessary to give y'all a brief introduction, just to put things in perspective. I am from Kashmir, which, depending upon your political, cultural and national affiliation is either a part of India, Pakistan, China or Taiwan. I do hold an Indian passport, so I reckon I come from the same country that collectively answers all your tech support phone calls.

In addition to being from a different country, I have another reason I am posting on this page - which is because I am a farmer (or sorts). You see, I am a sustainability steward, and I help run the organic farm on campus. In addition to the organic farm, I also take care of 7 hens, a brood of rabbits (who have adopted the hen coop as a temporary domicile), a cat, and a few other odd and ends like a few apple trees and what not.

Also, I take pictures and make pots.

So the question arises, that why am I posting what as of now promises to be a lengthy blog post, when I should be weeding my farm or feeding my chickens. The answer in short would be because I can, and because I like writing about how much more interesting I am in contrast to everyone else. All I need is a pulpit. So I will be regaling you with details of my exploits over most of the year, almost weekly. In doing so, I will convince you all to come here to The College of Idaho, if not for academics, then to meet me and possibly say Hi, giving me a chance to feed you with the eggs, peppers, potatoes, onions, and other miscellaneous food items I help produce, in pots and plates I made myself.

p.s. As a peace offering for not really saying anything about the college, and hogging all the space for myself, here is a photo I took from behind Sterry Hall, (which is the tallest building in Caldwell). For those interested in such stuff, this was off Fuji Velvia, in an old Minolta I have.

-Rahul Sharma