Cute Bunny Photos, and Photos of Rocks

So a few weeks ago, In the chicken coop, I discovered baby rabbits. In 3 weeks time, those creatures transformed from small naked mole rat look alikes to cute balls of fur. Here are some pictures:


Also, I have started making  a sculpture, if you would call it that, in my front yard. Here again, are some pictures:


rock sculpture

Now I really don't have a lot to say this time, which is rare. That is because I have been working hard at planting the rest of the stuff in the Sustainability gardens, and weeding it. I will, believe you me, write a long post next time, putting in context why I have been posting photos of waterfalls, bunnies and piles of rocks, when I should be writing about how C of I changed my life (or something like that). You do need to keep in mind that I have an agenda here, and that is to keep you interested. If I write long introspective posts that depict me as a really sensitive guy who is aware and in touch of his surroundings, it would get boring real fast. Plus I really detest those kinds of posts. But yes, coming back from my tangent, expect the next post to help you make sense of all those rabbit and rock pictures. 


-Rahul Sharma