Final Lap

Well. I made it. It's almost been four years since I unboxed all my stuff on the first floor of Hayman. 

It's really not something I've thought about until this week. Being a student, I sometimes just get caught up living semester to semester. But now it's really hit me that I'm down to only two. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so actually being forced to sit down and ask "where am I going to be this time next year?" is a pretty daunting question that I'll have to answer soon. But that can wait.

In the meantime, I suppose this serves as my introductory post. I'm 21 years old, a psychology major/history minor, occasional writer for the Coyote, and a member of Delta Tau Delta. I may not be a bright-eyed freshman exploring campus for the first time since orientation, but I hope that I can provide you with a senior's take on daily life at the College. Reading my posts, I think that I can give you a peek inside the life of an active Greek, a committed psychology student exploring research opportunities, and another honest perspective among the student bloggers.

Meanwhile, it's summer and there's not a ton going on at the school in terms of daily academics. However, over the next few days I think I'll recount a little about how I spent the first part of my summer. I visited this place that used to be called the Middle Kingdom. It was pretty cool.

- Andrew Moore