Walking With Giants

Hey Yoties,

Last week, my family and I packed up the car and headed west for a family vacation. We drove to the Oregon coast, passing good old Caldwell in route.  Considering how vast the U.S. is Idaho—or at least the Treasure Valley—is located far enough away from the coast to make a road trip feasible, but still tiring. This time around, we actually drove down the length of the Oregon coast to the very southern end of Oregon so that we could make forays into Northern California’s redwood forests.   

I’d never seen the redwoods before, but they are truly massive trees. They definitely hold their own against the Pacific Ocean.  We walked and hiked around some of the forests, which my dad aptly says look like the setting of Jurassic Park. We also drove through one of the redwood trees, although it’s a little sad to think of one of these old trees being hollowed out for just for cars. 

So instead of barbequing and parade going for the week of the fourth, we got to spend time enjoying some of the outdoor national treasures.  Oregon has great public beaches, and California’s state parks helped preserve many of the redwoods. 

And speaking of travel, I just picked up a passport application in preparation for my upcoming London study abroad. I’ll elaborate more later, but essentially myself and about fourteen other students are headed across the pond for the month long winter term to study the art, history, and literature of London. It’ll be totally different than traveling to the Pacific Northwest, and I’m excited to travel internationally.

-Megan Mizuta