Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

Dear Yoties -- Boise may not have the art scene of LA, New York, or Paris. But that’s not to say we’re an artistic desert.  If you want evidence that Boise’s sense of culture is alive and well, all you need to do is head downtown on the first Thursday of each month. First Thursdays are the time that the galleries stay open late, the coffeeshops break out their acoustic singers, and the Boise Art Museum (BAM) puts on special lectures and in the case of July, a special performance.

Right now, BAM is hosting an exhibit called “Meet Me At the Center of the Earth” and it’s of Nick Cave soundsuits, which are fabric sculptures that would have fit right into my textbook from Art History After 1940.   The suits aren’t ones that you’d find anytime in Brooks Brothers, but they are at their best when they’re being worn and performed in. So BAM got together with Ballet Idaho, and had several of the ballet dancers perform in the museum wearing the fur suits for First Thursday.  

This is a video from a similar performance in LA.

-Megan Mizuta