Allow Me to Introduce You to My Good Friend, Me

Hey there!  I am new to the Student Experience blog, so here is a list of Mariah-isms and fun facts (in no particular order) to get us acquainted:

  1. I am a 19-year-old, 2012-13 sophomore at C of I majoring in theatre and nursing.  (I thought I might as well get the boring "deets" out of the way on number 1)
  2. My favorite animals are fish, closely followed by sheep.  (My best friend is my goldfish, Fred)
  3. I don't like ketchup.
  4. I am currently a server at Noah's Canteen at the Silver Mountain gondola base in Kellogg, Idaho.
  5. I am a member of The College of Idaho's Gamma Phi Beta chapter (Zeta Xi).
  6. My favorite study snacks are Juanita's tortilla chips.
  7. Coffee is my biggest weakness.  My loved ones have learned not to look at me, talk to me, breathe by me, or think about me until I have had my cup o' joe; it might be time for an intervention... (Thank heavens there is a 24/7 Dutch Bros by campus; also, Java Station and Moxie are pretty close, with good study tables)
  8. My favorite trick for "reeling it in" when I have to use the restroom reeeeeeeeeeally bad, but can't find one nearby, is to hold my foot.  It forces me to focus on balance and takes my mind off my urge to tinkle.  (Too much for the first blog post?  Sorry...)
  9. I look horrible in orange.
  10. Orchids are my favorite flower.
  11. Spiders are my least favorite creature. [There was one in my bed last night.  I was reading a Janet Evanovich book (that woman makes me laugh), and the durned thing scurried up my pillow and onto my book.  I thought I was a goner.  Never fear!  I conquered the beast!]
  12. I have a hometown honey named John Towne.  (:
  13. I lived in a single room in Simplot as a freshman, and this fall I am moving into an apartment in The Village (aka Ketchup and Mustard) with three of my close friends.
  14. I remember the difference between "desert" and "dessert", because I always want more dessert, which calls for two S-es.  (How does one write the plural form of "S"???)
  15. My original plan was to write 24 facts, because 24 is my favorite number, but then I noticed how long of a list that would be!  Fifteen is a good number too.  (;

Stay tuned to hear about my summer experiences and back-to-school prep! 

Over and out,
- Mariah M Schlepp