Hello From Oregon

This is my very first blog post ever, so I might as well say something about myself. I live about 7 hours from campus, in a small town between Mt. Hood and Portland, Oregon. This summer, I have a job working for a local farm, selling berries and other fruit at Portland area Farmer’s Markets. This job is really great because I get to eat fruit and talk to people all day. I also get to see, firsthand, that Fred Armisen’s Portlandia is almost entirely accurate. At least of the people who shop at Farmer’s Markets. 

If you don't know what I mean, here's an example. I am Dana in this situation:

When I’m not selling berries to hipsters, I’m probably doing one of the following activities:

  1. Running (my Cross Country team is closer than family, and most of these things, we do together)
  2. Playing ultimate frisbee
  3. Planning some kind of prank
  4. Looking for something that my too-intelligent and perpetually bored dog, with a highly developed sense of humor, hid from me
  5. Eating pasta
  6. Listening to history podcasts like a nerdy old woman
  7. Neglecting the mess in my room
  8. Hitting the town with the LOVE of my life, my teal PT Cruiser
  9. Singing, badly
  10. Taking advantage of the fact that I have a mountain, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes all within half an hour’s drive: biking, hiking, camping, swimming.

--Claire Cushing