The Plight of Summer

One of the worst things about college is this: you meet wonderful people, spend nine months with them, and then all of the sudden, summer hits, and everyone goes back to where they came from. Some of the people you become closest to are suddenly miles and miles away from you, and are going to stay that way for three long months.  Maybe they’re still in Idaho, but now instead of being in Caldwell with you, they’re in Moscow or Idaho Falls or Ketchum or Twin Falls or Driggs.  Some of your friends go further, to the other side of the country or other countries entirely.  The people you got to see every day at school, you might get to see once or twice during the summer.  This weekend I’m headed to Sun Valley to spend a few days with one of the people I miss most, and who happens to live on exactly the other end of Idaho.  

But while I’m off vacationing, the demands of school are starting to roll in. Today the first assignment list was emailed out to Coyote writers so that we can start on our articles. The first issue comes out with the beginning of school, and it looks like it’ll have some useful tips for incoming freshmen, so pick up a copy when you move in.    

-Megan Mizuta