So, my summer is a little different compared to the last two years. My mom just finished moving from Boise out to Caldwell. Aside from school, I've lived in Boise since I was 2 years old. I'm currently paying rent at my Fraternity house, and now more than ever, I really feel that Caldwell is my home.

Summer on campus is always a strange thing. It's a weird combination of familiar elements during the semester, minus the familiar angst of procrastination. I'm one of the handful of students who has a job on campus, and I still have access to most of the buildings, but things are a bit more quiet on the whole. It's rather ironic that most of the students are absent during the time when the campus is utterly beautiful. It's SUPER HOT ALMOST EVERY DAY, but around 8:30, when the sun is almost down, walking through the quad has solidly become part of my evening routine.

Aside from my job as a research assistant in Dr. Minear's Cognitive Plasticity Lab, I've started working in one of Idaho's venerable occupations: the farm hand. In Middleton, ID, which is about 10 minutes away from Caldwell, I've found a way to get paid while simultaneously covering myself in dirt. I'm working for Purple Sage Farms Inc., which is (I think) Idaho's oldest organic farm. They are a supplier to restaurants, wholesale companies and individuals who want local and organic food. Bon Appetit at the College also happens to be one of their customers. Tim Sommer, his wife and two sons manage the farm along with a few hired hands. Most of the crops are grown in massive greenhouses. I've been working there for about three weeks, and I think I can sum it up by saying that it's just like gardening at home, except that you're inside of a sauna. Tim and his son Mike make it a virtual requirement that their harvesters become familiar with the crops being grown. Being able to sample the fresh herbs, spices, and greens straight from the source is an awesome perk. 

When I'm not steam-cooking my body each day, things are as summer should be. The Delt Haus is sweltering in its lack of AC, but lounging on the porch at night, leisurely playing a game of Frisbee golf with other members of the Yote summer crew, and watching B-list horror movies on Sunday nights tie things together. I don't think my Senior year will be as simple, but being in Caldwell right now, it's easy to coast.

Purple Sage's website

-Andrew Moore

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