Great Friends and Awful Jokes

I’ve dropped off my carload of people, and having washed the Deschutes water out of my hair and the Central Oregon dust off of my feet, I’m officially home from my rafting trip. There were 9 of us, plus one of my favorite teachers from my freshman year and his dad as our guides on a two day trip: one day of rafting, one day of swimming and cliff jumping. Both days were characterized by attempts at table-topping each other, a revitalization of old jokes, doing our best to consume the half-pound of lunch meat allotted to each person, testing how creepy ordinary sentences sound by adding “laaaadies…” to the end, a lot of laughter, sunshine, a little adrenaline, a sprinkling of meaningful conversation, and for some reason, Sarah Palin impressions. It was a fantastic trip, the only possible disappointment I could extract from it would be the fact that any tan I thought I had turned out to just be dirt. On that note, my car also got a pretty nice tan line in the shape of “WARSH ME YOLO :D”.

As it is now August, most of us who went on the trip are less than a month away from moving out of our little town. While I couldn’t be more excited to start college, I do truly love the people in my life and am feeling bittersweet now more than ever, as the days shrink. The end of summer honestly snuck up and overwhelmed me. That’s why it was so nice to be surrounded by some of my favorite people for a couple of days. It was refreshing to have some intelligent conversation, and act as dorky as you only can in the presence of friends. I was reassured that the end of summer doesn’t mark the end of our friendships with the finality I’d once imagined. Our spring breaks and summer work schedules may never align, but some people are just a part of home, and at some point or another, we’ll all be home...


--Claire Cushing