Getting Dorm Room Ready

Ikea: it’s the ultimate labyrinth of our time, minus the Minotaur. Boise may not be big enough to merit its own Ikea, but it’s an easy, not too-long drive from Salt Lake City, so my parents and I went down for the weekend and stayed in nearby Park City. I happily spent a few hours lost in the giant maze on a quest to equip my dorm room with inexpensive Swedish goods. One rug, lamp, mirror, pot, pan, collider, spoon, curtain rod, and curtain set later, my parents and I emerged relatively unscathed. I’ve been mentally decorating my future room in Anderson all summer, so it was nice to get some things together.

I shared a room in Simplot last year (one room down from Mariah, actually), but I went for a single in Anderson this year, and I’m excited to live in “A-House,” where I spent a lot of time hanging out last year. Because it’s an older dorm, residents have a little more leeway to decorate as we choose.  That translates to painting your door and putting nails in the wall. After room draw, which is when current students choose their dorm room for the next year, I went and scoped out my future abode. It happens to already have a giant pink lily painted on the door courtesy of my KKG sister, Jenette Noe, and I think I have one of the most enviable doors on any of Anderson’s three floors.  

Despite the lovely look of my future door, there is one problem with it. It’s abnormally small. Seriously—I measured it. As far as I know, all the Anderson doors are a few inches narrower than their modern counterparts.  I’ve carefully measured the chaise lounge I want to put in my room, and if I squish the top down a little, I’ll be able to barely fit it through the doorframe. If not, then I’ll have to carry it down three flights of stairs in dejection.  Maybe Andrew can help me move it.

Jenette took all these photos last year, and painted the green, blue, and pink doors. You can see more of Jenette's work here.

-Megan Mizuta