Holy Summer, Batman! ...And a Whole Lot of What I Miss Today

I have finally caught up with summer--it got away from me for a second there! 

My typical summer day went as follows:

Pry myself off of my pillow.
Drive John to work (because my car broke down so he was kind enough to share his with me).
Drive to parents' house to feed animals while they are out of town. 
Drive back home. 
Get quickly ready for work.
Stop at Brewed Awakening for a latte.
Drive to work. 
Clock out and go pick John up from work. 
Get ready for show and eat quickly while waiting for carpool. 
Grab another latte. 
Arrive at theatre and get made up and costumed. 
Vaccuum theatre aisle.
Go home. 

The above photo is one of me during my solo in the musical revue from the show.  We did a total of twenty shows, each including melodrama and revue, and closing night was August 26.  My last day for work was August 28, and now I have a few days to pack and get ready for school again.  I have been blogging about "What I Miss Today," but now that I have a little time to really blog, I am running out of time to "miss" things!  I will be back on campus three days from now!  CRAZY!  Where do summers GO?!  I have been thinking about getting back on campus and have gotten ridiculously excited about moving into my apartment. 

What I've missed the past few days:

Disney movie nights in the Simplot lobby.  Winterfest.  Free movie Monday with friends.  Gamma Phi Beta.  The cute mismatched mugs at "the caf".  Writers' Co meetings.  The trees on campus.  The way my heels click in Langroise.  Clothes swaps.  Hall programs.  Tea parties in Ketchup. Late-night study sessions.  Hanging art for the next show in the art gallery.  Scarlet Masque.  The Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.  Spring Fling.  Mr Casanova.  Derby Days and Sorority Olympics (I can't wait to explain this further; so. much. fun.).  Professors.  Biology classes.  Crafting with friends (yes, I'm one of THOSE people).  Mostly, I miss the people.  Students and professors.  There are so many things that I just can't wait to get back for (not to mention the opportunity to decorate with my roommates). 

Over and out,
Mariah M Schlepp

Mariah is a sophomore theatre and nursing major from Cataldo, Idaho.