I do not make lists

I generally despise blogs that take the form of lists. I think they are way too easy and do not pressure the writer to come up with a nice narrative/argument. But they have their advantages. For atarters, they are easy to read. Why do you think gets so many hits? Also, they are easy to write. And fast. And because I have to head out and actually work, I will just make a list, to tell you of the length and the breadth of my activities since my last blog post.

I got my grubby lil' paws on an 8x10 view camera. I know you have no idea what they are, because it is 100-year old technology. You remember those cameras from the movies where the photographer had to put a sheet on his head, and the camera itself looks like an accordion? That. 

Actually I just decided to put up a photo, for your pleasure. The box that is bigger then my head is the camera.

I managed to pull lots of vegetables. By the last count, I pulled more then a 100 pounds of veggies.

I have been making YouTube videos that the College puts on its YouTube channel.

Working in the darkroom again. I spend roughly 4 hours every other day there, and I come out smelling like stale urine (not because I urinate my pants, but because paper fixer smells like urine.)

This here is the first photo I developed in the darkroom in two years. The image after scanning came out to a solid gigabyte. but what is computing power in the face of art?


EDIT: Actually because this post hasn't been uploaded yet, so I can add another photograph. This is my friend CJ on a slackline, again, with the 8x10 camera.


Actually yeah, that's that. I seem to be really boring. It's a shame, but you know, c'est la vie.

Till the next time,


-Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.