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All the Right Ways

The life of a college student can be hectic. Alarm clocks, piles of homework, keeping social lives from ruining academic lives--it's a delicate balancing act which can end up being particularly stressful if you start losing your footing. I handled it all pretty well last year, but I already know this year is going to be slightly different. I've picked up quite a few more activities in the past week alone than i ever expected I'd be doing when I was a freshman. If I was on a balance beam before, I must be on a tightwire now. Luckily, all of these new things and extra responsibilities make me quite happy. And after all, you know what they say--no risk, no reward.

One of the things I'm most excited about this year is being able to contribute not only to this blog, but to the college's student run newspaper, the ever present Coyote. I'm an interactive journalism minor nursing an ambition to start a career in media and news organizations, and writing on the Coyote's staff will give me that first, integral bit of experience needed to strengthen that ambition. I never had any experience with my high school's newspaper because of various classes getting in the way, so when I entered college I really wanted to jump in right away and get my journalistic feet wet for the first time. That idea never really panned out. I remember signing my name to an e-mail list for Coytoe staffers back when I was a freshman, but alas, I received no messages on the subject, probably because my handwriting was indecipherable or something equally silly. I was naive enough to think that I'd get an e-mail eventually with details on how I could help out anyway, but by the time I realized such an e-mail wasn't going to come, the year was half over and it seemed too late to do anything about it. This year, though, I really am going to be on the newspaper staff. In fact, my first article will be in the next issue at the end of the month, which I'm thrilled about.

Another new thing is my increased involvement with Delta Tau Delta. Since I was initiated last Spring, I never really had much of a chance to really contribute to the good of our brotherhood before school let out. This year, a lot more of my time is going to be spent aiding the fraternity as the Chair of our Social Committee. Basically, it's going to be up to myself and my fellow committee members to create fun events between our fraternity and the other fraternities and sororities that make up our campus' Greek Life. It's going to take a lot of planning and a lot of work to pull off, and it's a lot of responsibility, but I can't wait to get started. I love the Greek Life our campus provides, and I'm going to love being one of the big players in strengthening our fraternity's relationship with the rest of our fellow Greeks.

I'm still taking pictures at any and all of the events held by Campus Ministries. I started that last year pretty much on a whim--I just brought my camera to the first Late Night of the year and was asked if I wanted to keep snapping photos. I, of course, jumped at the chance. I love being a part of Campus Ministries, and I love taking pictures, so it was a perfect fit. I took a bunch of shots at our recent start of the year Block Party, all of which can be found here. It was a delightful night of volleyball, Otter Pops, meeting new people, and Electric Sliding. I'm pumped for Late Night to start up regularly again so I get to keep getting to know all the new freshman while worshipping our God. And I'll still get to take pictures.

Above all else, I'll still be actively participating in all of C of I's choral programs. Yes, that's all three--Chorale, Chamber Singers, and Vocal Jazz. It's a full plate of music and at least an hour a day of rehersals (often more), but it's a side thing that I very much love. I may not be a music major or minor, but I love singing, and after four years of high school choir, it's hard to see myself not in a musical ensemble of some sort.

This isn't even all the stuff I'm doing this semester outside of class, even if it is a sizable chunk. I'm going to be one very busy guy over the next few weeks. But you know what? I'm busy in all the right ways.

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a sophomore creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.